SlimFast Meal Replacement Powder, Original Rich Chocolate Royale, Weight Loss Shake Mix, 10g of Protein

FlavorRich Chocolate Royale
Item Weight1.95 Pounds
Protein2 Grams
Vitamins And Minerals15, 45, 45, 5, 30, 130 Percent Daily Value

About this item

  • MEAL REPLACEMENT SHAKE: SlimFast Meal Replacement Shakes are the perfect diet-friendly shake mix. Each serving is packed with 10g of Protein when combined with 8 oz of Fat-Free Milk to keep you full for hours with a decadent and rich chocolate royale flavor to satisfy your sugar cravings.
  • DIGESTIVE SUPPORT: SlimFast Meal Replacement Shake Mix is packed with 4 grams of fiber to promote better digestion and curb hunger.
  • GLUTEN FREE: Created with optimal nutrition in mind, our shake mix is gluten-free and packed with 24 Essential Vitamins and Minerals like Vitamin A, C, D, E, and Zinc to take the hassle out of dieting by providing you with a high-quality shake mix that is equally delicious in taste!
  • ON THE GO NOURISHMENT: At SlimFast, we understand that dieting can be hard. With 34 servings, our Shake Mix is perfect for on-the-go, anytime meal replacement. Pack a serving of our shake mix with you, so that you always have a quick, healthy indulgence that will keep you full and help you stay on track wherever your busy schedule takes you!
  • *Not a low-calorie food. See Nutrition Facts for saturated fat content.